Elite erotic massage in Moscow – the best vacation for men

2020.08.25 в 11:53
Картинка Elite erotic massage in Moscow – the best vacation for men

Elite erotic massage in Moscow in Etalon salon daily offers men a variety in the world of pleasure. Our clients know that once you visit Etalon, you will dream of an early return. Only here, all your needs and wishes are taken into account, which will make your vacation unforgettable.

The Etalon Spa has everything you need for deep relaxation:

  • Stunning beauty masseuses with extensive experience in the recreation and relaxation industry;
  • Thematic erotic programs;
  • Relaxing environment;
  • Turkish bath, sauna, milk bath in the font will help to relax every cell of the body and calm the mind.

Everything in Etalon salon is designed for relaxation, pleasure and an unforgettable stay. Every Etalon masseuse knows what a man needs in order to escape from daily problems and forget a little.
Elite erotic massage in Moscow includes a wide variety of techniques and additional services that will not leave you disappointed. Gentle touches, sensual caresses and exciting movements of the craftswoman will excite your imagination.

Elite programs of erotic massage at Etalon:

A huge range of erotic massage programs. When choosing a massage theme for yourself, trust your heart!

  • “Touches to beauty” – a classic erotic massage with bold touches, including a joint shower with a masseuse in all the action.
  • “Thai body” – classic erotic massage, touching, shower and body. 90 minutes of fun!
  • “Samurai’s Rest” – body massage, body massage, sakura sprig, premium oils. All the best relaxation techniques are collected here.
  • “Emperor” – a program with a boor, change of poses, lesbians, peep-show. Girls masseuses will touch all the most sensual parts of your body and in two hours you will get everything that you miss so much in your sex life.

The Etalon Spa is open 24 hours a day and also offers personalized home trips if you wish. If you want to feel on yourself all the best techniques of elite erotic massage in the city of Moscow, then we are waiting for you to visit!
Here you will recuperate and recharge with the life-giving energy of erotic massage!