Erotic massage in Moscow – all kinds of male pleasure in the Etalon salon

2021.02.25 в 17:40
Картинка Erotic massage in Moscow – all kinds of male pleasure in the Etalon salon

On gray working days, one wants to move away from important matters, to feel care and attention, to stretch out in sweet bliss on a soft warm bed. Others are not averse to having fun with the girls, drinking a couple of glasses of sparkling wine, admiring the incendiary striptease. Still others dream of relaxing in a jacuzzi, enjoying the hugs of a girl, getting quality relaxation and relaxation. Etalon Spa is an expert in men’s leisure! We can organize an unforgettable erotic massage in Moscow, which will satisfy all the needs of your body at once. Check out the programs from the catalog.

Menu standard:

Express / Standard Basic is a classical massage program with erotic caresses. Relaxing techniques, massaging movements and stimulation of the erogenous zone. Touching a girl is allowed at a higher level of the program;

  • Touching the beauty – classic erotic massage, joint shower with a girl, reciprocal caresses;
  • Express Premium – a stimulating body massage by a skilled craftswoman, changing positions, Ligam massage and two showers;
  • Passionate Body massage – stone therapy, full body massage, hot towels, explicit caresses and an unforgettable ending;
  • Thai body – session for insatiable includes 2 full-fledged discharge;
  • Fetish – a semi-naked masseuse in stockings and high heels will allow you to touch and kiss your feet;
  • Express Lux – mutual caresses, kisses, changing positions and imitation of oral sex.

For more sophisticated connoisseurs of sexual bliss, Etalon has developed programs with fetish inclusions, BDSM themes, submission, lesbian shows and much more. During a specially selected scenario of erotic massage in Moscow, you can control the procedure yourself: choose additional options and repeat the elements you like.

Erotic massage in Moscow: features and useful properties

Don’t worry if you are visiting our salon for the first time. The session will cause you only pleasant sensations, and the relaxation will be remembered for a long time. The procedure is performed by skilled masseuses, each of them is trained in all kinds of pleasure techniques, and will be able to please you to the maximum. Our apartments have a shower, hammam, jacuzzi so that clients can enjoy spa treatments or try aqua foam massage. This type of event will help you:

  • Relax and release the stress accumulated during the day;
  • Gain strength and male energy;
  • Have a good rest;
  • Discharge;
  • Regain confidence in your sexuality.

Visit Etalon and experience all the delights of erotic massage in Moscow!