Sakura branch massage

2021.07.26 в 18:45
Картинка Sakura branch massage

Sakura massage for men will allow you to get unforgettable emotions and feel desired. The tenderness of a woman’s touch will turn your head and turn your mind over. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy with the fatal beauties at the Etalon salon.

What is special?

The technique was named after the beautiful Japanese sakura tree. Its petals are compared to the most expensive silk. The secret of massage is technique. Masseuses caress, kiss and bite the guest. The girl’s body should be smooth in all areas so as not to cause discomfort. Tactile sensations are enhanced by the applied oils or creams to the beauty. You can choose any to your taste. The site contains real photos. Each is a professional craftsman and wants to deliver maximum relaxation and satisfaction.

Salon Etalon employees:

  • Mercedes;
  • Charlotte;
  • Ramina;
  • Veronica;
  • Anji;
  • Selena.

And many others will give you pleasure. You can choose the procedure yourself or consult with the administrator. You can sign up for an erotic massage “sakura branch” and add something else to the program. For example, lesbian show or body massage.

Sequence of execution

Professional masseuses will help your body relax, get unforgettable pleasure and positive emotions. The girls will prepare the room. The pleasant atmosphere of midnight and the smell of aroma lamps will entice you from the first seconds. If you want to visit the sauna or relax in the jacuzzi, then everything will be prepared for you in advance. The sakura branch massage begins with the application of oil or cream to the body of the guest and the masseuse. The movements are continuous. Smooth at first, then gradually intensify. Pressing should not squeeze too hard and cause discomfort. During the session, they descend lower and lower from the head, but do not start immediately from the intimate zone. The pleasant smell of the girl and her breath enhances the effect. You will be able to feel the feminine beauty and tenderness of movements. Allow yourself and your body to relax and take a break from everyday problems. Unforgettable emotions await you at Etalon.