Private Prostate massage programs

2023.03.10 в 15:49
Картинка Private Prostate massage programs

How does a private prostate massage differ from a similar procedure in a clinic? Firstly, it is carried out not as a treatment, but for pleasure. Secondly, the atmosphere of the salon is more conducive to emancipation. Finally, the service implements the fantasy that many are afraid to speak out loud … Do you want to experiment? Then visit one of the Etalon programs!

We have an offer for your taste

Our institution has a program with urological stimulation, and in addition to this service, it includes many interesting practices! Meet: “Muladhara”.

  • The trick of the session is prostate massage performed by a private master. Of course, your vacation will not start with him, but it’s up to you to decide when exactly the girl should start it!
  • As a rule, classical practices serve as an aperitif for relaxation. This includes a foot massage with hot towels, and a head massage. The uniqueness of the program is that two masters are working on you at once, and this multiplies the pleasure.
  • Of course, it will not do without visual representations. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a hot lesbian show, as well as touch the girls during the session.
  • The erotic part includes Thai body, as well as Lingam massage in all techniques. It is thanks to these services that you will get a powerful excitement and a bright discharge!
  • At the end of the rest, each guest takes a joint shower with charming girls. This is a beautiful point of your leisure, which will complement the impressions you received earlier.

Private prostate massage is performed by professionals

Do not think that just beautiful girls work in erotic salons. All our masters receive the appropriate qualifications so that the sessions are pleasant and safe. But, of course, we also do not forget about external data and recruit girls of various types! Well, you can choose the one with whom you will be ready to spend time on such a bold procedure in our catalog!