Eromassage programs in 4 hands

2023.02.27 в 10:40
Картинка Eromassage programs in 4 hands

Eromassage in 4 hands attracts more and more attention from men. And if you would like to get an unusual experience, come to one of the programs at the Etalon salon. We have a wide variety of offers for every taste and every budget!

With us you will make any of your dreams come true

There are a lot of programs in our institution that may interest you!

  • The Kingdom of Siam” is an exciting vacation, designed for a whole hour and a half. Here you will find body massage, relaxation with oranges, and much more. By the way, it is with this practice that you can begin your immersion in the world of erotic leisure. Take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy every moment of your vacation!
  • Lesbian show” is another hour and a half adventure with which you can experience in detail all the delights of erotic massage in 4 hands. This program can be called more daring, because it includes not only standard procedures, but also stimulation with sex toys. You need to visit such a plot at least once in your life!
  • Gold is suitable for the most insatiable men. The rest with this program lasts as much as 3 hours, and during this time the girls will delight you with stone therapy, Thai body, urological massage and many others. The service is very rich and is perfect for those who are bored with banal leisure.
  • The Great Gatsby” is the original Etalon program. With her, you can spend 2 hours surrounded by 10 beauties, and then keep the 3 most liked ones for another hour. They will delight you with relaxation!

Sign up for an eromassage in 4 hands and spend time the way you’ve wanted for a long time

Why deny yourself the pleasure if it is so accessible? Come to Etalon and enjoy the manual practices performed professionally by our girls. Etalon masters work perfectly in tandem, and therefore they can easily impress you with their talents and external data. Sign up and come visit!