Erotic massage programs with “Sakura branch”

2022.12.20 в 10:54
Картинка Erotic massage programs with “Sakura branch”

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” is one of the most gentle and sensual procedures. Many men note that it most effectively affects their body and helps to really relax and unwind. This is due to the individual selection of techniques for each guest. And if you want to enjoy such an unusual leisure, come to Etalon!

We have a lot of offers for every taste

  • VIP Gold is one of the most popular options among our guests. In addition to classical techniques, a man on it will enjoy aqua foam massage, touching the master, fetish elements and many others. The program is designed for as much as 3 hours, and be sure: this time will be unforgettable!
  • Shogun” is a more basic offer for lovers of erotic massage with a “sakura branch”. But this is no less bold! For an hour you will enjoy mutual caresses, body relaxation and kisses on the body, and then the master will apply his sex toys. It’s intimate, isn’t it?
  • Lesbian show” is ideal for those who are not used to denying themselves something. Two charming girls will delight you with an exciting performance, and then they will move on to physical satisfaction. They will give pleasure with the help of classical techniques, Thai body and many more bold erotic practices. Every man should attend such an event at least once in his life!

Erotic massage “Sakura branch” is ideal for the first trip to the salon

Beginners love this service for its unprecedented sensuality and tenderness. And if you are just starting your acquaintance with the erotic world, this ancient Japanese practice will show you all the delights of such a holiday. Well, to spend time as pleasantly as possible, sign up for one of the programs in Etalon! We will be glad to give you unforgettable emotions!