Jobs for girls in Moscow

Картинка Massage master for working with clients
Massage master for working with clients
  • Jobs for girls in Moscow z\n 500.000₽
  • Money is paid out daily.
  • The work schedule is selected indi vidually.
  • Nonresidents are provided with housing.
  • The guests are 75-80% foreigners.
  • We have very expensive and solid.
  • This is a 3-storey mansion in the center of Moscow, designed as a hotel with SPA rooms.
  • Free education.
  • You can work from 1 day.
Картинка Administrator
  • Daily salary disbursement
  • Salary: from 3,000 a long way up to 7000₽ per day
  • Formalization
  • Working hours: 1 / 2 (slave/ex)
  • Working day from 13:00 to 06:00 am
  • It is possible to provide free accommodation
Картинка Masseuse
  • Strictly NO sex
  • Salary from 200,000₽-300,000₽ or more
  • Payments are made daily
  • The work schedule is discussed individually
  • The salon is open 24 hours
  • Nonresidents are provided with housing, good conditions
  • Free education
  • Official salon,
  • NOT an apartment
Картинка Hostess
  • Required work experience: not required
  • from 70,000₽ to 100,000₽ per hand
  • Free working hours
  • You can choose your own work shifts
  • Possible work shifts:
  • from 13:00 to 22:00 / from 22:00 to 07:00 / from 18:00 to 06:00
  • Payment is daily

Earn yourself on

Картинка Пластическая операция
Plastic surgery
- 1 mon
Картинка Автомобиль
- 6 mon
Картинка Квартира
- 12 mon

Why us?

150 000 – 250 000 RUB per month
Daily payment
Luxury salon with modern interior and equipment
In the city center in a comfortable environment
You can work on any day and time
Money —
every day
Daily payment at the end of the working day
We only take the best girls

Jobs for girls in Moscow: masseuse, hostess, administrator

Today, the leisure and leisure industry is a great opportunity to get a promising profession, even for those girls who do not have the slightest experience. If you are interested in working as a masseuse for girls in Moscow, then for applicants vacancies are provided with free training and comfortable housing.

Profession indicators for 2020:
average age category 23 years
Average salary 257 328 rubles
employment competition Average
experience and qualifications Not required

In order to get reliable work and transparent payment terms, it is necessary to cooperate with trusted agencies and SPAS, where guaranteed the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Direct employer with no hidden fees
  • Daily payment for your work
  • comfortable service apartments
  • the Work schedule is flexible and can be changed on an individual basis
  • Access to fitness centers and beauty salons
  • Travel to countries and resorts
  • Complete confidentiality and security of employees

do Not wait for a happy chance, the modern world pushes for decisive action. While you are thinking, someone else will take your "place in the sun". If you are over 18 years old and you full of energy and inspiration - fill out the form on the site and we will contact you soon recruitment Manager.

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