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Within the Third Transport Ring, the cost of the program will be from 7,000 rubles.
Outside the Third Transport Ring, the cost of the program will be from 10,000 rubles + a taxi at your expense

Express Basic

The express program is designed to get acquainted with the world of erotic pleasures: Includes:...

4 500₽

30 min

Body Massage

The Body Massage program is based on the classic way of relaxation. The ancient technique...

5 500₽

60 min


The Kama Sutra program is aimed at obtaining pleasure without limits. You will experience indescribable...

7 000₽

60 min

Aqua foam relaxation

Aqua-foam relaxation program for those who want to get the maximum experience. Includes: • Classic...

7 500₽

60 min


The program with 1 girl is designed for the fact that the massage is done...

8 000₽

60 min


The program "Goddess" is aimed not only at getting pleasure, but also gives the opportunity...

9 000₽

60 min

Express Lux

The Express Lux program is designed for men who like to steal time for a...

10 000₽

60 min

Sweet Fruit

The "Sweet Fruit" program is filled with oriental delights that will bring you to maximum...

10 000₽

75 minutes

Cute girlfriends

The program "Lovely girlfriends" will give pleasure. Don't limit your enjoyment! Includes: • Classic massage;...

10 000₽

90 min

Curvy legs

The Seductive Legs program is designed for men who are not accustomed to denying themselves...

11 000₽

75 min

Thai Body Massage

The program "Thai Body Massage" is aimed at maximum dissolution in the bliss of bliss....

12 000₽

70 minutes


A program aimed at complete relaxation through exciting and sensual touches. Includes: • Classic massage;...

14 000₽

50 min


The Muladhara program reveals the basic chakra of a person. You will feel complete relaxation,...

14 000₽

75 minutes

Kingdom of Siam

The Kingdom of Siam program will immerse you in an exciting world of pleasures. Two...

15 000₽

90 min


Includes: • Classic massage; • Massage with hot towels; • Stone therapy; • Hot candle...

16 000₽

90 min

Sweet peach

An incredible program for girls with stimulation of erogenous zones, and after a little preparation,...

19 000₽

105 minutes


The "Provocation" program speaks for itself! You can not resist the skill of a charming...

23 000₽

120 minutes


Includes: • Classic massage; • Foot massage; • Stone therapy; • Head massage; • Body;...

28 000₽

180 minutes

VIP Gold

Includes: • Classic; • Foot massage; • Stone therapy; • Head massage; • Body; •...

30 000₽

180 min


Includes: • Classic; • Erotica; • Stone therapy; • Massage with hot towels; • Kisses...

30 000₽

60 min


During the program, special attention is paid to technique, but various additions are possible at...

35 000₽

90 min

4 hands massage

Includes: • Classic; • Erotica; • Stone therapy; • Foot massage; • Tender kisses; •...

40 000₽

90 min

The emperor

The session includes: the embodiment of all your fantasies in the company of three charming...

75 000₽

180 min


Every cell of your body will experience unprecedented pleasure, and you will forever change your...

45 000₽

90 min

Secret desire

A real bachelorette party with chic girls is waiting for you at Etalon Spa! The...

50 000₽

3 hours


Involve: classic 4 hands massage foot massage with hot towels stone therapy head and face...

50 000₽

180 min

VIP Platinum

An hour and a half of classical and erotic techniques, as well as the use...

55 000₽

1.5 hours

The Great Gatsby

80,000 rubles 120 minutes 10 girls + 60 minutes 3 girls

100 000₽

3 hour