What is an erotic massage vacation for couples?

2023.05.18 в 12:16
Картинка What is an erotic massage vacation for couples?

Erotic massage will help a married couple overcome the crisis and become a little closer. Do you want to minimize the problems in your relationship and fall in love with each other again? Or maybe you decided to get to know your partner better and explore his pleasure? Etalon salon will help you with all this!

We will create a suitable atmosphere for you

The most important thing in such a vacation is the first impression. And as soon as you enter Etalon, you realize that you have come to the right place. Our administrators will offer you drinks and escort you to the apartment, where you can take a shower and prepare for the program. If you choose a VIP room, a Jacuzzi will also be available at your service.

We have several programs for you

Erotic massage services for couples are diverse, and we recommend choosing a program for yourself together with the administrator. She will tell you in detail about all the nuances that are in each of them, and also help you decide on a choice!

  • If you both want to get a massage, we recommend services with two masters.
  • If you or your partner are too jealous, we can offer you a one-master option. Then one of you will enjoy relaxation, and the second will act as an observer, which will be no less interesting for him.

And won’t erotic massage destroy a married couple?

Many people really have such a fear. Like, a man will see a beautiful woman with forms, fall in love with her and leave his wife. But believe me, there have not been such cases yet. On the contrary: when a man sees how a hot girl gives his wife pleasure, he enjoys his partner. And at the end of the session, he wants to spend time not with the masseuse who conducted the program, but with his wife, who has become the main object of desire in his eyes.