What is included in the classic erotic massage programs?

2024.07.10 в 14:34
Картинка What is included in the classic erotic massage programs?

Erotic massage is not just a pleasant procedure, but also a powerful tool for relieving stress, improving well–being and lifting the mood. Etalon salon offers its guests a variety of programs, including classic erotic massage, which is very popular in Moscow. Come and relax the way you’ve wanted for a long time!

Our vacation takes place in a comfortable atmosphere

  • Every erotic massage program begins with preparation. This stage includes creating a comfortable atmosphere in the massage room, using scented candles and oils, as well as relaxing music. All this helps the client to tune in to the procedure and get rid of excess tension.
  • Classical relaxation is the basis of any erotic massage program. It includes various techniques that help relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and prepare the body for more intensive procedures.
  • After the classical part, the masters move on to the elements of erotic massage. It is aimed at awakening sensuality and enhancing tactile sensations. Masters use special oils that make touching even more pleasant.
  • The procedure ends with a bright and powerful discharge, the effect of which will last for a long time. After the session, the guest can take a shower, visit the sauna or spend time in our bar.

Arrange a classic vacation in one of the best erotic massage salons in Moscow

Relaxing in the Etalon salon is a great way to relieve stress, improve well–being and enjoy unforgettable sensations. Each program includes unique elements aimed at achieving maximum pleasure and relaxation. If you want to try something new and feel the full charm of erotic massage, visit the Etalon salon and experience all its advantages. Sign up!