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2022.07.01 в 14:38
Картинка Prices for Lingam massage in Moscow – Etalon

Are you interested in knowing the prices for Lingam massage in Moscow? You have been dreaming of trying it for a long time, but you don’t know how much this pleasure costs, and what does it include? In this article, we will cover all the intricacies, and believe me, it is worth paying for!

Lingam massage. What is the strength?

The oldest intimate technique that has gained its trust in the strong half of humanity for centuries. Many men, having tried Lingam massage at least once, become regular customers of the Etalon salon, why, you ask? Because this is not just a massage with an ending, it is a real art that can forever turn a man’s idea of ​​​​pleasure. Its mystery lies in the fact that the girl slowly and gently works through all the erogenous parts of your body and only then goes to the most important organ …

A long foreplay and a passionate game with the penis brings a man to the peak state of bliss, and the price for a Lingam massage already seems insignificant, because in return you get much more.

What is the price?

The erotic salon is distinguished by very affordable prices for such an exciting procedure. For only 4500 you can order a passionate express program that will allow you to get acquainted with the art of relaxation and plunge into the ocean of bliss. But we recommend that you also try sessions such as:

• “Kama Sutra”;
• “Sweet peach”;
“Touching the beautiful”;
• “Temptation”.

These activities are aimed at more stupid pleasure, which will allow you to experience all the spectrums of arousal. After the session, you will be able to note that your body is filled with lightness, energy and strength, and your sexual desires are completely satisfied thanks to the skill of excellent masseuses. Tell me, does the price of a Lingam massage matter, if for this money you give yourself happiness and harmony, which are priceless in our hectic time?! Be sure to try!