Erotic massage for a girl

2021.06.07 в 13:02
Картинка Erotic massage for a girl

For those who wish to experiment, the Etalon salon has prepared interesting programs. In them, not only a man, but also his companion can enjoy a massage session. The service of erotic massage for a girl will not leave indifferent any representative of the fair sex.

The opportunity to have a quality rest will allow you to experience new emotions

Just imagine how you give up the usual trip to a restaurant and spend your time in an erotic massage parlor. Your girlfriend still has no idea what awaits her, but you understand that just an hour of the procedure will rekindle your former passion.

How is the session going?

  • you book the program in advance, choosing the one that is more preferable to you. There is an option in which one masseuse will be present at the session, one of the couple will enjoy a physical workout of the whole body, and the other will act as an observer. You can also choose a service with two masters, then both partners will be able to experience a sense of relaxation from the process;
  • then you need to decide on the masters. Erotic massage for a girl requires a certain level of professionalism, so our administrators will select an experienced and trained masseuse for you;
  • you can come to the program in advance. Sit in our bar, have a drink and relax before the procedure;
    the session will be held in an apartment with a shower, so you will comfortably prepare for the program;
  • the service is designed for 2 hours, 60 minutes are allocated for the massage, and then the partners are left alone for 60 minutes so that they can enjoy each other.

Is erotic massage suitable for any girl?

Of course, it is important that your companion is relaxed. It is easy to prepare for the session: start with a classic massage that gently turns into an erotic one. And then offer to go to another level – professional. As a rule, women love experiments and unusual rest no less than men, and when they reach a state of relaxation, they want to repeat the program over and over again. To make your girlfriend like erotic massage, contact only proven salons!