Erotic massage for women from the best masters of Moscow

2022.10.16 в 19:20
Картинка Erotic massage for women from the best masters of Moscow

Who said that erotic massage is intended only for men? Women in Moscow also like to relax in this way! Well, Etalon has prepared several interesting and useful programs for the fair sex, with which you can have fun and get to know your body a little better.

Arrange an unusual date for yourself

Do you want your partner to understand what gives you pleasure? Or maybe you dream of returning passion to your relationship? In Etalon you will have such an opportunity! Thanks to paired services, you will fulfill all your dreams and achieve your goals.

  • “Temptation” is the basic version from our institution. The most interesting thing about it is that relaxation can be performed by either one master or two. If you are too jealous and want your partner to just watch, our master will make an erotic massage just for you! Moscow women often turn to us with a similar request and do not leave disappointed.
  • Seduction is a more advanced version, which includes the popular “Aerobatics” technique. The main tool of the master will not be the hands, but more interesting places on the masseuse’s body… Intrigued? Then sign up for an hour and a half of fun!
  • Well, for those who are not used to denying themselves something, we have developed a VIP Platinum program. Its peculiarity is the use of a variety of toys. Many guests note that in this way it is very easy to achieve relaxation and forget about all negative thoughts. And when the rest also takes place in the format of a date…

Erotic massage for women – a procedure available in Moscow

The cost of the program depends solely on your personal wishes. Well, if you don’t know yet what exactly you want from a vacation, we will be happy to help you decide. We will tell you about all the popular offers and sign you up for a session. Come and fulfill all your secret fantasies in the pleasant atmosphere of the Etalon salon!