Erotic massage is expensive ?! How much does it cost to rest in an elite salon

2020.11.11 в 18:02
Картинка Erotic massage is expensive ?! How much does it cost to rest in an elite salon

What comes to a man’s mind when he mentions an elite erotic massage ?! Hot touches of sexy girls, thanks to which you can relieve sexual tension. Plus high quality alcohol and a luxurious environment in which to relax. All this is fraught with the Etalon men’s club. This does not mean at all that our erotic massage is expensive and unavailable, on the contrary, in our salon you can get a high-quality service, and a wide range of programs will allow you to choose a session that is affordable.

If there are several reasons to look into our Etalon salon, because the most beautiful girls in Moscow work here, and at your service:

  • Comfortable massage apartments;
  • Bar with elite alcohol;
  • Smoky hookah;
  • Relaxation programs and passionate additions.

If you thought that erotic massage is expensive, then it’s time to convince you of this. Pamper yourself with any program from our range and you will find that they are worth any money spent.

What time to relax to choose?

Maybe for ordinary spa treatments this issue is relevant, because there is a tight work schedule that should be taken into account before a visit. But what if you wanted to rest late at night? Will desire remain unsatisfied? No, and again no, because our elite salon is characterized by:

  • 24-hour schedule without days off;
  • Reception of guests at any time of the day, night and morning;
  • The warm welcome of the staff.

Rest in an erotic massage salon is expensive and luxurious. You can come alone, with friends or with your spouse, and our girls will give you the utmost pleasure. Any wishes are discussed, sessions are edited according to preferences, and dreams come true!

Etalon is the best vacation for men!

Since we figured out the work schedule, the question of choosing masseuses remains open, and everything is simple here! On the official website of the salon, you can see real photos of our girls and choose the one that will brighten up your leisure time. There is no doubt that all our girls are not just first-class beauties, but also real masters of their craft. They are fluent in all the necessary massage techniques and will be happy to give you a session that will be impossible to forget!

Erotic massage is expensive, only for those who have not tried it yet! Come, we are waiting for you!