Erotic massage is an expensive pleasure

2022.09.12 в 16:56
Картинка Erotic massage is an expensive pleasure

Do you know how much an erotic massage will cost you? If you want to attend an expensive and high-quality program, contact the Etalon salon! We have many offers for every taste and purse, including VIP level. To spend an unforgettable time, it is enough to visit the premium program in our institution!

Many people dream about it

Well, you can easily afford it! Tell our administrator about your innermost fantasy, and she will do everything possible to bring it to life. Do not worry about confidentiality, we guarantee each of our guests the preservation of his anonymity. This means that the details of your leisure time will not go beyond the walls of Etalon.

What would you like to rest on?

If you do not yet know what exactly you want, we can offer you several options for an expensive erotic massage from our institution.

  • VIP GOLD is two hours of pure pleasure with the opportunity to touch a beautiful girl. Well, in the session itself you will get a lot of piquant procedures: “Aerobatics”, and massage with hot oranges, and “Strawberry”, and much more.
  • Emperor” is a program for those who are not used to denying themselves something. It includes everything and even more. For physical pleasure, there are all the techniques of Lingam massage, light kisses on the body and other interesting procedures. Well, for a visual orgasm, the girl will give you a peep show, take a shower in your company and perform absolutely any fetish element that you wish… Every man should visit this program at least once in his life!

An expensive erotic massage will allow you to truly relax

And if you want to occupy your evening with something interesting and useful, why not sign up for a session at Etalon? Our administrator will help you choose the optimal program and tell you more about all our offers. Fulfill your fantasies in the pleasant company of professional masters of the capital!