Erotic massage from young masters will be an unforgettable adventure

2023.04.13 в 18:01
Картинка Erotic massage from young masters will be an unforgettable adventure

Would you like to attend an erotic massage session with a young master, but are you afraid of the unknown? Etalon Salon is always very happy to advise its guests, and this time we will not make exceptions! We will answer your most common questions and open the veil of secrecy of this holiday.

What can be the age of the youngest master?

The minimum age of our employees is 18 years. As a rule, men do not start from the figures indicated in the questionnaire (it is unlikely that you will ask the master for a passport to make sure of her years). Guests are looking for a specific type of miniature girl, which we can offer!

Can young girls be called experienced enough?

Some believe that since a young master conducts an erotic massage session, it is not worth talking about her experience. This is true, many girls are trained and start working a couple of months after they get a job with us. But this does not mean that they do not have all the necessary skills! Our masseuses will show you what real pleasure is, and will easily find an approach even to the most shy representatives of the stronger sex. And you can see this for yourself.

How can I order an erotic massage with a young master?

In our salon masseuses are not assigned automatically, you choose them yourself. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to our catalog, where there are more than a hundred questionnaires, and find among them the one that you will like. Contact the administrator and clarify the work schedule of the girl you like to make an appointment with her for a session.
  • Immediately contact the administrator and tell us about your preferences, as well as when you plan to visit us. The administrator will select suitable candidates for your vacation and send their pictures to you in the messenger.
    You can choose any of the options! The main thing is to come visit Etalon and fulfill all your cherished dreams with us!