Erotic massage for couples on departure – pleasure with home delivery!

2021.05.12 в 13:04
Картинка Erotic massage for couples on departure – pleasure with home delivery!

It is not only the guests of the Etalon salon that have the opportunity to pamper the body with caresses, completely relax and enjoy quality rest. Erotic massage for couples on departure in Moscow allows them to experience the highest degree of pleasure without leaving home! On any day, you can order a program with an exit, and charming masseuses will be happy to come to you.
This service will help make intimate relationships in a couple warmer and more tender. A session for two differs from other types of erotic rest in that it is able to unite partners, and, if necessary, even renew their intimate relationship.


Erotic massage for couples on departure, as a rule, is performed by two craftswomen at once. First, the girls relax the clients, and then move on to the exciting part. Each of the partners has the opportunity to observe the reaction of his soul mate. What extra pleasure can you get from!
After the initial relaxation phase, clients sit on separate beds, waiting for the exciting erotic part. It can be carried out both simultaneously and separately, but most couples choose the first option in order to observe each other’s reactions and hold hands.

Erogenous zones

The velvety fingers of the beauties will go over all erogenous areas, carefully examining the heated bodies of men and women to help open new points of sexual arousal!
Techniques can be different: touching palms and fingers, and if you order a program with a body, then you will expect a passionate sliding of bodies. The final, as a rule, can take place in two ways:

1. Each performer brings a man and a woman to orgasm;
2. Girls leave your abode, leaving the lovers alone.

Erotic massage for couples on departure should definitely try, because it:

  • Helps the couple to remove all complexes and constraint;
  • Teaches young people the language of bodily communication;
  • Awakens passion and attraction;
  • Helps both partners feel confident and desired.

Book an erotic massage for couples on departure from the Etalon salon, such a pastime will be a pleasant surprise for a loved one on a wedding anniversary, birthday or any other holiday. This is the best vacation for you and your soul mate!