Erotic prostate massage-treatment with pleasure

2020.05.04 в 18:26
Картинка Erotic prostate massage-treatment with pleasure

It is a well-known fact that prostate massage is the key to men’s health. In the salon “Etalon” it is a pleasant and simultaneously useful procedure performed by a beautiful masseuse. If you like this kind of pleasure, or you have been advised by a doctor, contact our charming girls. They will conduct erotic prostate massage with the necessary care and tenderness, focusing on your wishes.

Various reasons, including stress and emotional shocks, can provoke a violation of a man’s sexual function. Erotic prostate massage involves a direct impact on the internal genitals of men and due to this there is an improvement in the condition.

How is erotic prostate massage performed?

Professional impact on the prostate, restores internal blood flow and flow patency, thereby improving muscle tone and normalizing the production of the main male hormone – testosterone. Thanks to this, a man receives a comprehensive prevention of dysfunction, and this is useful for the stronger sex of any age.

The masseuse performs erotic prostate massage in the following sequence:

  • First, a classic massage is performed. Its task is to eliminate unnecessary anxiety and set the man to rest;
  • The anal zone is liberally lubricated, after which the girl slowly introduces her finger;
  • Light pressure is applied, since if a man has inflammation, the prostate can be very sensitive;
  • After the man gets used to soft movements, the girl performs circular strokes with a slight effort.
  • At the same time, the penis is stimulated, which allows the man to experience double pleasure.

After the massage, more blood flows to the prostate gland, it is cleared of inflammatory secretions, and its work is normalized. A man after the session will feel a huge surge of strength and energy.

What is unacceptable during prostate massage?

If you are unpleasant and painful-immediately leave, because such a “specialist” can only harm. In our erotic salon “Etalon” all girls have the necessary professional skills and do not allow even the slightest painful sensations. Masseuses use a large amount of lubricant and all actions are very gentle and accurate.

Erotic prostate massage brings only pleasure. In the process, various devices can be used, but only at the request of the man. An experienced masseuse will definitely choose the technique that is right for you, and you will experience the most incredible bliss. Come and make sure that in the erotic salon “Etalon” you can enjoy a medical procedure supplemented with erotic techniques.