Erotic prostate massage is a sure step to a new pleasure

2020.05.27 в 17:20
Картинка Erotic prostate massage is a sure step to a new pleasure

Many people already know that prostate massage is the most effective way to treat prostatitis. In order for the procedure to be not only effective, but also pleasant, it is important to trust the hands of professional masseuses. Beautiful girls and an atmosphere of relaxation will make your stay unforgettable. Combine health benefits with pleasure in the Etalon erotic salon.

Why does a man need a prostate massage?

According to statistics, half of the male population aged 30 to 50 suffers from prostatitis. To avoid this, doctors advise to stimulate the prostate gland. In a stagnant society, many consider such a procedure a perversion, forgetting about its effectiveness, but those men who have experienced pleasure come back for a new portion again and again.

Prostate massage accelerates the blood and improves potency. Do not believe the established stereotypes and do not limit yourself, because health care is above all! Moreover, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you are at risk, so do not start a problem that can lead to impotence in the future.

Prostate stimulation is a real pleasure for men, especially if beautiful girls perform the procedure. You will forget about all the problems during the session, restore energy and get the necessary relaxation. Throw away the complexes, allow yourself to relax and enjoy that will decorate your usual sex life.

Erotic prostate massage technique

During the session, it is important to position yourself most comfortably: lie on your side or stand in a knee-elbow position. Masseuse girls use two methods of influencing the prostate: with a finger or with a toy, in agreement with the guest.

  1. First, they relax the man with light strokes all over the body;
  2. After that, the craftswomen go directly to prostate massage. They apply a generous amount of lubricant so that no pain occurs, and will slowly introduce a finger or a toy of the guest’s choice;
  3. With gentle circular movements, masseuses will awaken passion and new sensations in you, bringing you to excitement;
  4. Gentle caresses of the penis during the session will allow you to discharge as much as possible.

With such prevention of prostatitis, you will be wonderful lovers for many years to come. And your courage and looseness will undoubtedly please the girls. Come to the Etalon erotic salon and agree to an unforgettable prostate massage.