Erotic massage in Moscow is not expensive

2021.10.28 в 19:09
Картинка Erotic massage in Moscow is not expensive

Do you want to visit an erotic massage in Moscow, but think if it is not expensive? Etalon salon is ready to prove to you: quality massage can be budgetary! Throw away your doubts and immerse yourself in your vacation with us!

We only have top masters

Our girls will conquer even the most demanding man, in addition, Etalon has a large selection of masseuses of various types: brunettes and blondes, petite and long-legged, slender and shaped – among our masters you will definitely find the one that suits your taste. But appearance is not the only weapon of our girls. They will also delight you with their skills and surprise you with their techniques.

The best programs

Original services will make your holiday unforgettable and lead to a stunning climax. If you have not yet decided what you would like to try by coming to an erotic massage in Moscow, while looking for an inexpensive option, we have several suggestions:

  • “Express Basic” is the most budgetary program of the salon, designed for 30 minutes of relaxation. At the same time, it is extremely rich, it includes: body massage, head massage, touching and much more. With this service you will experience all the delights of erotic relaxation in the shortest possible time;
  • “Touching Beauty” is a program designed for maximum tactile proximity between the guest and the master. In it you will find not only classic and erotic massage, but also a joint shower;
  • Express Premium” – for those who like to take the maximum out of life for the minimum price. For only 5,000 rubles, you will receive a dizzying program, the most intriguing part of which is changing positions.

Erotic massage in Moscow can be an inexpensive pleasure

Of course, if you do not want to get to a dizzying show with several masters, but dream of a quiet and relaxing holiday in a pleasant atmosphere. And rest assured, you will not have to regret the time and money spent, because our girls will bring you to ecstasy … Come at any time, we are waiting for you!