Erotic massage in Moscow at an attractive price

2022.06.06 в 12:44
Картинка Erotic massage in Moscow at an attractive price

This is not fantasy! Come to Etalon and get a portion of real male pleasure. In Moscow, it is difficult to find a quality erotic massage at an affordable price, but with us you can relax in a quality and fairly budget. And this is necessary for every man!

How good is this relaxation?

The most important advantage is the opportunity to experiment. How often do you personally get this kind of luck? Most residents of the capital visit a maximum of 3 locations – home, work and a bar on a Friday night. Of course, some can afford regular vacations in hot countries, but what if this is not possible? Give yourself into the hands of the stunning Etalon girls! You will definitely not leave us without a discharge!

What do we offer!

At least the best erotic massage in Moscow. Its price will definitely impress you, but if you still can’t decide on a program, we advise you to take a closer look at the popular categories.

  • “Body massage” is a gentle and sensual relaxation in which every cell of your body will tremble with pleasure. If you are a fan of power practices, the programs in this category will definitely appeal to you.
  • Thematic programs” – an offer for the most daring and outrageous. If you are bored with the usual vacation and want something special, you will find it here.
  • “Express erotic massage” – services for those who are in a hurry. We all know perfectly well that it is not the time spent on leisure that plays a role, but the quality of leisure. And we have the best in town! To make sure of this, just sign up for a vacation.

The price of the basic program of erotic massage in the Moscow salon Etalon

If you are just getting acquainted with our institution and are not ready to take advantage of premium offers, you can order the most budget program. Its cost is 4500 rubles, and you will definitely like its content. Here is a joint shower, and a Thai bodysuit, and gentle touches … Everything you need for a real man’s vacation! Sign up and enjoy your leisure time with our stunning beauties!