Erotic massage in Moscow: real profiles of masters

2022.01.11 в 19:45
Картинка Erotic massage in Moscow: real profiles of masters

In the abundance of erotic massage offers in Moscow, it is difficult to find a real profile. Many masters hide behind other people’s profiles, take a client at home. Most often, these are buildings on the outskirts of the city, where it is difficult to reach, so the guest has no choice but to go to a session, even if he did not really like the masseuse. How do you find a really worthwhile offer?

Some pay attention to verification

Many services publish a questionnaire with a “check mark” only after the master’s face has been confirmed. But with modern technologies, it is not difficult to fake a profile, and besides, not all moderators carefully monitor the fulfillment of the terms of service. What to do?

Contact the salon!

Sometimes the guest is biased towards erotic massage parlors, because Moscow is full of private masters, whose profiles are scattered throughout the network. But visiting specialized institutions has a number of advantages:

  • you will be taken to a real master. Of course, this only applies to salons with a name that value their reputation. Etalon can send you some additional pictures of the masseuse so that you can be sure that she is right for you;
  • you will not be cheated financially. Private craftsmen often put the price tag several times lower than the market one, but at the same time they wind up additional services after the rest. If you are not looking for adventure, choose places where program fees are fixed and additional services are clearly defined. And this can only be in the salon;
  • you will receive top-notch service. You can order quality drinks in your room, take a steam bath in the sauna or in the hammam. The salon has all the conditions for your relaxation.

But what if you came to an erotic massage in a Moscow salon, but you didn’t like the girl on the profile?

You can always change your choice! Up to 15 masseuses of different types work in the salon every day, so if you want to spend time with another girl, the administrator will help you with your search. And it won’t take too long! Are you ready for a quality vacation? Etalon doors are always open for you!