How is an individual massage program for men in salons compiled?

2024.01.12 в 13:25
Картинка How is an individual massage program for men in salons compiled?

Erotic salons offer not only standard treatments, but also individual massage programs designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Thanks to this approach, guests get not only pleasure from their vacation, but also benefit.

Soho Spa has a special approach to guests

  • The initial stage of creating an individual program is a consultation. The administrators find out the guest’s preferences, physical condition, stress level and health characteristics. This helps to better understand the needs of the client.
  • Based on the consultation, a program containing the necessary practices is selected. For example, for those who experience tension in the back area, Swedish massage techniques can be used with an emphasis on muscle relaxation. For those who seek energy balance, elements of Thai massage can be included.
  • The individual massage program for men also includes a selection of special oils and fragrances according to the client’s preferences. For example, lavender oil can be used to relax, and citrus aromas can be used to lift the mood and stimulate.
  • If the client has any problem areas, the program focuses on working with these places. Various techniques, stretches and techniques can be applied to achieve maximum effect.
  • Professional relaxation masters work in the Etalon salon, taking into account the wishes of the client in terms of pressure level. Some prefer a softer and more relaxing massage, while others want to get a more intense effect on the muscles.

Your individual massage may include additional elements

Exclusive elements can be added to make the program unique. For example, craftsmen can use warm stones, massage brushes or thematic practices if the client expresses interest. Well, if you want to receive your individual offer, just contact us!