Classic body massage sets a man up for an erotic continuation

2023.10.24 в 12:00
Картинка Classic body massage sets a man up for an erotic continuation

Erotic massage immerses us in the world of sensual pleasures and relaxation. However, before proceeding to the main part of the program, the masters of the Etalon salon pay special attention to classical body massage. Why is this so important and why does classical warm-up become an important link in the process of erotic massage?

Relaxation and opening of the body

Classical massage is not just a physical workout, it is a real art of attention to the body. Before moving on to more intimate techniques, it is important to prepare the body and relax the muscles. Classic relaxation helps the client to get rid of physical tension, remove stress and create pleasant sensations.

Advantages of a classic warm-up

  • Classical body massage stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. Improved blood circulation means a higher sensitivity to touch, which makes future moments of massage even more intense.
  • Many men in Moscow face daily stresses and loads. Classical massage helps to relieve psychoemotional tension, improves mood and creates an atmosphere of harmony and well-being. This is the perfect start for the next part of the program, which brings sensual pleasures.
  • Classical practices are not only a pleasant procedure, but also an important link in preparing for bolder techniques. He teaches the guest to the touch of the master and creates an atmosphere of trust, which is important in the process of erotic massage.

Etalon masters understand how important classical body massage is

That’s why we include it in all our programs. We strive to make the rest of our guests as productive as possible, starting with careful work on their bodies, which brings unforgettable sensations and prepares for the final part of the program.