Lingam massage-sex is not included in the servi

2020.06.25 в 21:37
Картинка Lingam massage-sex is not included in the servi

Lingam massage sex is not included in the scope of the procedure. This is a unique technique aimed at men, which includes caressing the penis. A massage session is filled with thrills and allows you to reach the highest point of pleasure without intimacy.

Massage features

The procedure refers to erotic activities and is carried out in the walls of the massage salon “Etalon” Before and after the session there are water treatments that allow you to remove the remnants of tension and completely dissolve in bliss. The features of massage include:

  • Gentle stimulation of the penis;
  • Passionate touch;
  • Extreme excitement;
  • Complete relaxation.

Lingam massage does not involve sex, because the procedure is primarily aimed at maximum relaxation of the guest. The masseuse gently touches all the erogenous zones on the body, making the man languish with pleasure, and only then you will expect a dizzying climax, which in brightness eclipses the usual orgasms.

What will be available to you during the session?

Erotic massage helps to recover after a week of work or emotional stress. It has a beneficial effect not only on the physical condition, but also on the mental component of the person. Just one session can completely change your idea of pleasure, and regular visits will allow you to maintain male strength for many years. As part of Lingam massage, you can:

  • Order additional services;
  • Replace the girl or invite a second masseuse;
  • To extend the session;
  • Tell the girl about your desires and preferences.

For the greatest pleasure before the start of the session, you can choose any masseuse. All the masters of the salon “Etalon” are beautiful and perfectly master the art of erotic massage. You will definitely not make a mistake with the choice, because the girls will do everything to make you happy.

Who would like a Lingam massage?

Lingam massage, sex, although not included in the service, but gives pleasure, which in its strength is not inferior to orgasm during sexual intercourse. Therefore, this technique will appeal to absolutely all men and order an erotic massage is worth it if you:

  • Love everything new and unusual;
  • Full of sexual energy;
  • Are you experiencing difficulties with potency;
  • Do you want to fully relax;
  • Look for new ways to achieve pleasure.

Etalon massage salon is filled with passion and lust. You are waiting for the most charming girls and unique erotic offers that can awaken your sexual potential. Come to experience the pleasure that was previously available only to a select few-Lingam massage, sex is not included in the service, but you will not need it, you will get much more!