Professional urological massage

2022.01.31 в 18:37
Картинка Professional urological massage

What man does not dream of experiments? The masters of the Etalon salon will help to bring the most daring ideas to life at a session of urological massage. Prostate relaxation is not only pleasant, but also a useful procedure that has already won the hearts of many men. Are you still biased towards such leisure?

We will help you change your mind

Due to the fact that the topic of sexuality is no longer taboo, many of the stronger sex begin to explore their own erogenous zones. And it’s no secret to anyone that the main such zone is the G-spot, which is located in the prostate. Her stimulation leads to the most powerful orgasms, and also has a positive effect on the sexual capabilities of a man.

Why choose Etalon for this procedure?

Some believe that urological massage can only be done by a professional. And we absolutely agree with this, but it is not necessary to go to the doctor for this!

  • Firstly, in a hospital room for such procedures, any man will feel uncomfortable. You will not be able to fully relax at the sight of standard green walls with peeling paint, but in the salon format, a sense of calm will overtake you quickly enough;
  • secondly, the doctor will unceremoniously carry out the procedure, not paying attention to your discomfort (both physical and moral). And our girls, having the appropriate qualifications, will begin relaxation with
  • foreplay, gradually proceeding to the main dish of the session – prostate massage;
    thirdly, you can stop the program at any time and move on to more classical techniques. This will help overcome fear.

Urological massage is absolutely safe

Provided that it will be performed by professionals. In the Etalon salon, this is strict with this – our craftswomen not only have a stunning appearance, but also master all the techniques presented in the salon. And you can personally see their professionalism! Sign up for a session with us today and experience the incredible delight of the experience!