Erotic massage programs for two

2023.04.27 в 10:59
Картинка Erotic massage programs for two

Erotic massage for two is an unusual adventure that will allow you to take a fresh look at your partner and return passion to the relationship. Sign up for one of the Etalon salon programs and enjoy your joint leisure in pleasant company!

Our girls will find an approach to both you and your significant other

Etalon masters are able to work not only with men, but also with their charming companions. They perfectly relax, liberate and help to feel the pleasure of every cell of the body. Besides, they’re all good-looking! Choose masseuses who will satisfy your tastes with your partner and relax in an unusual way!

Etalon programs will conquer you

Since erotic massage for two is extremely in demand, we have prepared several offers for connoisseurs of unusual relaxation.

  • Temptation” is a basic program with one masseuse, which includes the realization of any fantasy. During the session, one of the partners will enjoy manual practices, and the second will act as an observer.
  • Seduction” is an offer for those who like to experiment and don’t mind trying BDSM. The session is designed for 90 minutes, and during this time you will fully feel the atmosphere of this fetish and will be able to get a full discharge.
  • VIP PLATINUM is our premium offer, which includes not only classic techniques, but also the use of special toys. Such an experience will benefit any relationship!

Sign up for an erotic massage for two right now!

If you want to return passion to a relationship, it is better to find out what gives pleasure to your partner, and recharge with positive emotions, Etalon will help you. Just call the number listed in the “Contacts” section and get a detailed consultation from our administrator! She will tell you in detail about all our offers and record you for a session.