Massage programs for couples from the top salon in Moscow

2022.12.12 в 15:46
Картинка Massage programs for couples from the top salon in Moscow

Erotic massage for couples is a fairly popular offer that allows partners to get to know each other much better. And if you feel that the passion between you is gradually fading, rekindle the old fire with the help of the masters of the Etalon salon!

We employ professional masseuses

Each of them is able to impress you with their skills. We have gathered girls of various types in the institution, so finding the perfect option for yourself will not be any problems. Well, if you want to add spice to your vacation, you can always entrust the search for the perfect master for you two to your spouse!

How will the program take place?

The plot depends on what kind of massage service the couple chooses for themselves. We have a large selection of programs for every taste, and you can find your ideal one in our catalog:

  • For the most jealous, we have a unique offer with one masseuse. While one of the spouses (most often a girl becomes such a lucky one) enjoys manual practices, the second acts as an observer. This exciting spectacle did not disappoint any of our guests!
  • You can also order a classic program with two masters. We have a lot of stories, but our administrator can always help you choose the right one! Tell her exactly what you want to get from your vacation, and she will choose the best options for you.

Come to a couples massage and fall in love with each other in a new way

Long-term unions are characterized by crises, but this is not a reason to leave the relationship. There is always a chance to change something, and our girls are ready to help you with this! Come to Etalon and spend time the way you’ve wanted for a long time. In our environment, you and your partner will be as comfortable as possible, but your joint life will turn 180 degrees. Sign up!