Confused or erotic massage?

2021.08.17 в 18:13
Картинка Confused or erotic massage?

Hookers in the erotic massage salon Etalon do not work. Girls are able to catch the eyes of men with the aesthetics of their beautiful body and skillfully deliver incredible pleasure with the help of hands, breasts, buttocks and tender lips. You will satisfy yourself more than anywhere else. Treat yourself to pleasure right now.

What do the craftswomen look like?

All masseuses are very well groomed. They give off a delicate and light scent of summer flowers, which is able to enchant any representative of the stronger sex. You will be delighted with their beautiful shapes and body aesthetics. The difference between prostitutes and erotic massage lies in the skill to drive you crazy with just one glance, or simply to satisfy a physical need. The choice is entirely up to you. Ordinary pleasure or the art of bliss and relaxation …

Express programs

  • Express Basic” includes: showering before the session, gentle touching, body massage, head massage and Lingam – duration 30 minutes
  • “Express Premium” includes: shower before and after the session, light touches, head massage and changing positions, Lingam massage and relaxation – duration 30 minutes
  • “Express Lux” includes: shower before and after, touching, body massage, head massage, changing positions, imitation of oral sex, mutual kissing, Lingam massage and relaxation – duration 40 minutes

There are no confuses in the erotic massage parlor

The art is to please a man with gentle touches of hands and unforgettable caresses. Not everyone is capable of this. Many people study for years in order to master at least 20% of all knowledge that exists or has been lost. Some techniques originated in ancient India and are still popular today. All the craftswomen were highly appreciated, because they could not only bring pleasure, but also give a sea of ​​positive emotions to their guest. The erotic massage salon Etalon does not work prostitutes. We only have professional and stunning masseuses who will bring you much more pleasure than anyone else. Come and see for yourself right now.