Etalon men’s spa – an oasis of relaxation

2020.08.10 в 16:31
Картинка Etalon men’s spa – an oasis of relaxation

The Etalon Spa for Men welcomes and escorts guests into the world of unreal pleasure and relaxation every day. This is where the clients’ innermost dreams of an unforgettable vacation come true.

According to statistics, every second man suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s all the fault of eternal overwork, stress, the noise of the big city and dissatisfaction with personal life.

In order to get rid of pressing problems, you do not have to quickly quit your job, move to a tropical island and break all ties with the outside world. The recipe for good relaxation is simple and does not require radical solutions – Etalon Spa for Men. A place where you can rest your body and soul, forget about pressing problems and just have a good time surrounded by the most beautiful women in Moscow.

The Etalon men’s spa opens up new dimensions of pleasure and stimulates men’s imagination. Relaxing atmosphere vos, beautiful girls-masseuses, bold massage programs with notes of eroticism and much, much more that will definitely turn your idea of ​​the best vacation for representatives of the strong half of humanity.

The main spa programs for Etalon men:

  •  “The Naked Truth” includes a sensual massage and a joint shower without touching with a passionate craftswoman.
  •  “Samurai’s Rest” – classical massage in the best traditions of the East. The program includes: changing positions, daring touches and a joint shower.
  •  “Touches to beauty.” The program speaks for itself. Shared shower with touch from a charming girl.
  •  “Baltic Princess” – erotic massage during which the client can kiss the graceful feet of the masseuse.

The atmosphere of the Etalon Male Spa offers a relaxing break. Good pastime and real pleasure for our clients are the priority indicators in our work. Oriental interior, subdued light, pleasant music, enchanting aroma of incense and beautiful girls of model parameters. What else do you need for an unforgettable relaxation?
Etalon Spa for Men will provide you with the highest level of relaxation you will never forget. We work and surprise you 24/7.