Visiting erotic massage programs

2022.09.02 в 12:58
Картинка Visiting erotic massage programs

Erotic massage on departure is quite popular among men. Moreover, many of our guests order masters not at home, but at the hotel. Why does this happen and what kind of rest do the representatives of the stronger sex like more: when they go to the girls, or when the girl herself comes to them?

Opinion is divided

It all depends on several factors:

How long have you been interested in such a vacation
Prefer budget or premium programs
Are you worried about your anonymity

And we will start, perhaps, with the first

If a man visits salons for a long time, it bores him. I want something new and interesting. Why not order an erotic massage program on departure to the coolest hotel in the city? This will be an interesting experiment that will definitely have a positive effect on your vacation.

With the second, more or less everything is clear

The most budget program in Etalon will cost a guest 4,500 rubles. Well, the departure program will cost at least 7,000 rubles. For some, this difference is enormous. In addition, if a man is just getting acquainted with an institution, he does not need to spend a lot of money, it is enough to take one of the basic programs. And to assess the situation in the cabin.

What about anonymity?

In the Etalon salon, the confidentiality of each guest is 100% respected. We never disclose information about the guests to third parties and do not discuss the details of the rest outside the salon. But with home programs, everything is a little more complicated… What if one of the neighbors sees a girl enter your apartment? Again, there is video recording on intercoms almost everywhere, suddenly one of the guests decides to watch the recordings from it? If you have these fears, you should choose either a vacation in a salon or in a hotel.

You will definitely like our erotic massage with departure!

Regardless of whether you ordered the program at home or at the hotel, you will be delighted! We employ only professional masseuses who will please you not only with their appearance, but also with their skill. And to make sure of this, contact Etalon!