Body massage

The rhythm of a modern city dictates its own rules – as a rule, men simply do not have time to rest and put their thoughts in order. Accumulated fatigue can manifest itself at any time – feeling unwell, depression or decreased sexual activity. That is why it is so important to learn how to properly rest and relax. Body massage in Etalon salon is the best solution for complete relaxation and getting the most unforgettable emotions.

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A bit of history

Initially, this type of massage was exclusively a health-improving procedure. To learn the technique, the masseurs attended lessons where they taught about all the points on the body, the correct effect on which improved blood circulation, making a person energetic and active. In Etalon salon masseuses masterfully combine ancient techniques with the erotic focus of this type of massage. Such an integrated approach allows you not only to restore your strength, but also to experience the strongest sexual satisfaction.

Symptomatology Recommended session time
Overwork session from 30 minutes
Low sexual activity regular sessions from 30 minutes
Muscle clamps sessions from 90 minutes
Bad dream regular sessions from 60 minutes

The main advantage of this erotic technique lies in the beneficial effect on the male body. Below is a table that reflects the effectiveness of body massage:   It should be noted that all sessions in which body massage is included do not imply intimacy, however, all guests receive sexual pleasure and willingly return to us again and again. Do not stand aside and you, come and learn the philosophy of pleasure today!

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Preparing for body massage

Erotic body massage begins already at the stage of preparation for it. To create the right atmosphere, the massage room is filled with stimulating incense and relaxing music. The session itself will begin with a joint shower, during which a sexy masseuse will help relieve muscle tension and relieve all disturbing thoughts. After water procedures, the man is offered to stay on a spacious bed, where an intimate event will take place.

What awaits you during the session?

Like any erotic technique, body massage begins with classical elements to significantly increase blood flow to the skin, while the masseuse performs simple movements: Strokes with light touches the back, arms and legs of a man; Rubs the body with intense movements; Thoroughly kneads tired muscles. After completing all the classic elements, the classic part of the session slowly flows into the main action. Body massage got its name from the way in which this session is performed. The girl-masseuse liberally lubricates her body with aromatic oil and begins to perform sliding movements, being in the closest contact with the guest. During the action itself, the beauty uses the most attractive areas:

  • Chest;
  • Tummy;
  • Buttocks.

An erotic session with a body massage is especially exciting, because the event itself turns into a sexual game and gives pleasure no less than traditional sexual contact. He turns on, excites and allows fantasies to manifest, no man will remain indifferent from such an intensity of passions.