Erotic massage in the sauna and jacuzzi

Ever wondered why wine is served before dinner in an expensive restaurant? Most likely, you think that for whetting your appetite, but this is not entirely true. People, in essence, have a need to satisfy their physiological needs with the observance of certain ceremonies that help to enjoy the moment.

Картинка Erotic massage in the sauna and jacuzzi
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This also applies to the erotic side of life: there must be aesthetics and maximum preparation in it, which will warm up imagination and tune in the right way. Therefore, if you want to give your body a quality rest, then we invite you to an erotic massage in the sauna and jacuzzi, which will be presented by a seductive girl. The events are held in the rooms designated for water treatments, where a soapy and wet girl will stimulate you to massage you with her flawless body. Such a water show will make any guest shudder with pleasure and experience the most exciting moments of unity with a beauty. During the session, a light erotic massage will be performed to stretch the muscles and prepare the man for further bliss. If you have never tried this erotic supplement before, then it is worth realizing everything in the Etalon salon, because water procedures with a naked girl are a real show that amazes with its sexuality and sensuality.

Technique and stages of implementation

Erotic massage in the sauna and jacuzzi will take place in the unforgettable atmosphere of the Etalon salon. The masseuse will carefully prepare everything necessary for the arrival of the guest, but what awaits you when you order this massage?

  • Strip. This stage is a revelation before the passionate actions of the masseuse. If it is difficult for you to be liberated, then you are free to undress yourself, but if you want our beauty to do this, then be prepared for the strongest excitement;
  • Trituration. The girl will apply gel or oil to your body, at the same time starting a head massage, gradually descending lower and lower;
  • Relaxation. Further, the craftswoman will act more confidently, elastic hips, tender breasts and bulging buttocks will be used;
  • Sweet ending. No massage in the sauna or jacuzzi is complete without relaxation, so get ready to experience the brightest orgasm;
  • Rubdown. After the procedure, the girl will carefully wipe your body with a soft towel and you will feel an incredible surge of energy.

Our girls

Etalon salon is an island of fulfilled men’s wishes

Have you long dreamed of being in the gentle hands of a charming masseuse? Then hurry up to visit the Etalon men’s salon. Here you will be offered a lot of unique additions with a variety of sexual elements, but the erotic massage in the sauna and jacuzzi deserves special attention, which is available in the following programs – “Shogun”, “Emperor”, “Yin Yang” and Platinum. Make sure they are unique and we guarantee that your body will ask us again and again!