Foot fetish

Agree that it is a sin not to look at women’s legs. Hips, sharp knees, narrow ankles and graceful feet – all this excites the imagination of foot fetish lovers. There is nothing shameful in these desires – looking at the seductive ones, it becomes clear the desire to receive pleasure with their help.

Each session in the Etalon salon has an erotic component. There are a lot of techniques by which our craftswomen can give you pleasure, but if you want to enjoy their beautiful feet, then the erotic programs “Fetish” and “Baltic Princess” are what you need!

You can enjoy their appearance, smell and the ability to touch with your hands or even your tongue, such a variety will definitely bring you to relaxation!

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General characteristics of foot fetish

According to many sociological assessments, erotic attraction to legs and feet in particular is the most common occurrence in the fetish world. In most cases, delight and excitement in people with this taste is caused by: the appearance of the legs, the sensation of touching them, the taste and smell of the skin. In addition, there is an increased interest among foot fetishists in items of clothing that are associated with the legs, for example, tights, stockings or knee-highs. And special attention is paid to decorating nails – pedicure, rhinestones, rings.

Features of foot fetish

A thrilling foot fetish session is performed by charming masseuses with well-groomed and beautiful legs. You have the right to choose the girl whose feet you like best, and then you go with her to a separate massage room, where you can enjoy without restrictions. Our regular visitors know that female legs can bring a sea of ​​bliss. Some men are already aroused only by the appearance of their feet in stockings, others need female legs to play with them, which option you choose for yourself depends only on you!

Our girls

Erotic massage with foot fetish

The event process may include:

  • Trampling. The beauty will walk over you;
  • Licking. You can touch the legs of the masseuse with your lips and tongue;
  • Foot massage. You can independently massage the girl’s feet;
  • Foot relax. It is erotic when the masseuse gives you pleasure with your feet.

Foot fetish programs are diverse and allow you to experience a full range of pleasures during a session. In Etalon salon you will definitely get the maximum pleasure – both physical and aesthetic. Come and you will definitely not be disappointed in our beliefs!

Salon services Etalon

Erotic salon Etalon provides a wide range of services to its guests. Here you can order erotic programs with an exquisite addition – foot fetish. No one will judge your preferences, on the contrary, the salon employees appreciate the diversity and bold fantasies of their guests, and the girls know how to satisfy all the innermost desires. The anonymity of each guest is always a priority, outside the walls of the salon no one will be aware of how you relax in the company of our seductive masseuses.