Prostate massage

Men are in awe of their dignity. However, many people forget about a small organ on which the quality of sexual life directly depends. We are, of course, talking about the prostate, a regular massage of which will be an excellent prophylaxis against many diseases.

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Erotic salon Etalon in Moscow invites its guests to supplement the main session with a soft and gentle study of the prostate gland. You may be surprised and wonder: what can erotic techniques and medical procedures have in common ?! The answer is simple. Until your doctor prescribes prostate massage for the treatment of male diseases, this technique may well bring pleasure that can turn your idea of ​​pleasure. We recommend absolutely all men to experience prostate massage in Etalon salon and we are sure that you will definitely be satisfied. Our beauties perfectly possess the necessary skills that can bring you to the very peak of bliss, and if in doubt, it’s time to make sure of this on personal experience!

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About the technique

It should be noted that the Etalon salon is not a medical institution. Therefore, our girls do prostate massage not for therapeutic and recreational purposes, their goal is to please you. However, this event may well be appropriate as a prevention of many male ailments. Nevertheless, it will not hurt you to find out what the right session looks like in the erotic salon Etalon. So, here are a few rules to your attention that will guarantee you comfort during the event:

  • The appropriate atmosphere of the salon will allow you to relax as much as possible before the start of the session. All massage rooms are equipped with showers so that you can take water treatments and relieve stress;
  • A classic massage is necessary in order to thoroughly stretch the muscles and prepare the body for the upcoming pleasure;
  • Applying a large amount of lubricant will allow you to massage the prostate without the slightest discomfort for the guest;
  • The masseuse performs all movements according to the feelings of a man, thanks to her rich experience, you can count on complete mutual understanding;
  • During the session, our masseuses do not forget to pay attention to the main source of pleasure – the penis. Simultaneous stimulation of the penis and prostate will allow you to experience the most vivid emotions in your life.

During the session, all that is required of you is to concentrate on the sensations and completely surrender to the exciting feelings. At first they may seem unusual to you, but soon you will get used to it and begin to understand your sexual addictions in a new way. Come to Etalon salon and entrust your body and the care of your male health to our professional masseuses.