Lingam massage

Surrender to the will of your senses by handing yourself over to the experienced massage lingam at Etalon. You will plunge into the sea of passion, temptation and let your body throw out the accumulated energy and sexual dissatisfaction.

Such a procedure will definitely not leave you indifferent, because what could be better than the frank caresses of a beautiful girl ?! Our charming masseuses always know what exactly you want, so you will definitely get a lot of unforgettable emotions, and even more …

Картинка Lingam massage


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How our masseuses do Lingam massage

  • Position. There are several options, but the position of the client on the back is considered the most successful. This pose will allow the masseuse to use all the erogenous points on the body;
  • Pace. The procedure begins in a leisurely rhythm, then the movements become more intense, which allows the guest to be filled with excitement;
  • Receptions. During the procedure, the masseuse will carefully control the man’s sensations in order to bring the man to the highest point of pleasure;
  • The climax. The program ends with a passionate surge of accumulated sexual energy, after which you can be alone and have a little rest from the experienced bliss.

Lingam massage – what is it?

The very definition of “Lingam” is translated from the Indian language as “rod of light”, which personifies the male sexual organ. Based on this, we can already assume what the Lingam massage is. The process itself provides for a thorough massaging of the penis, therefore, various techniques are involved in the program – light blows, gentle kneading with hands and simultaneous stimulation of erogenous zones are used. Regular sessions of Lingam massage are very beneficial for men’s health, they help to relax, improve the functioning of sexual functions and increase sexual activity.

Lingam massage technique rules

Experience plays a special role in this technique; it will be quite difficult for a non-professional massage therapist to implement such a program with maximum pleasure for the guest. Correct execution includes relieving emotional stress from a man and maximum liberation, which will lead to an enchanting discharge. First of all, comfortable conditions are created for the client in the Etalon salon:

  • Calm atmosphere;
  • Nice music;
  • Soothing water treatments;
  • A little preparatory massage.

Everything else is a matter of technique and professional skills of our masseuses. The girl will try to apply all her skills, tenderness to bring the guest to the highest point of pleasure.

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Additions to erotic technique

Lingam massage is not limited to just one stimulation of the penis, attention is paid to the entire perineum, in addition to sensations, you can also order a prostate massage or indulge in an erotic show with the participation of two girls. And if you don’t want to let go of the sweet temptress, then you can extend your time with her as much as you see fit. Our girls are always glad to see you – come sooner and you will learn the mysterious world of pleasure.