Kingdom of Siam

Картинка Kingdom of Siam
The Kingdom of Siam program will immerse you in an exciting world of pleasures. Two charming girls will drive you crazy, not only you, but also each other. Such an erotic adventure is impossible to forget!


• Classic;
• Foot massage with towels;
• Stone therapy;
• Head massage;
• Thai bodysuit;
• Gentle touches;
• Lingam massage;
• "Strawberry";
• Massage with oranges;
• Aqua foam massage;
• Scrubbing of the body;
• Massage with feathers.

15 000₽

90 min

Additional services

Hot towel foot massage

Stone therapy elements for the back

Hot oranges


Urological massage


Possibility of a choice of poses

Imitation of oral sex

Lingam massage

Applying hot oil with brushes

Sakura branch

Shared shower

Touching the girl

Thai body massage


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