Sakura branch

The best opportunity to feel the exciting and gentle touches of a passionate girl and finish the session with the strongest orgasm is to order the erotic event “Samurai’s Rest”, which includes an exquisite addition – “Sakura Branch”. Men are attracted to this action, they want to know the pinnacle of pleasure and get into sensual captivity to a sexy masseuse.

Картинка Sakura branch
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It is no coincidence that “Sakura Branch” got its name. The technique itself resembles the touch of the flower petals of this symbolic Japanese tree. The procedure is filled with kisses, tongue caresses and light breaths. The girl does not use her hands in this technique, which makes this sensual adventure special. We are sure that you will definitely reach the peak of excitement, because our beauties are real craftswomen and are fluent in all known erotic techniques. You do not need to worry about anything, everything that you experience will reveal to you a real world of new and vivid pleasures that you did not even know about before. You will certainly experience a powerful release of endorphins when a drop of melted ice falls on your hot body, and the masseuse’s soft lips gently lick them off.

Erotic session technique

The sensual performance of the Sakura Branch at Etalon is a small addition to the main programs, but this technique should not be underestimated, because it can give fantastic pleasure. Ordering the erotic program “Samurai’s Rest”, a man goes to a luxurious massage room, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. It is filled with energizing incense that stimulates arousal and prepares your mind for maximum relaxation. The guest takes a shower and lies down on a luxurious bed, where in 90 minutes he will experience the full range of bliss available to the body. The program includes:

  • Sexy, graceful beauty will slowly begin to cover the body with kisses;
  • With moist, tender lips, the girl will kiss the guest from the neck, sink to the torso, touch the abdomen with a playful tongue and continue to descend lower and lower;
  • Having slowly descended to the perineum, she will slightly blow on the intimate parts of the body, creating a contrast in temperatures;
    If the guest wants, the masseuse will gently bite his body. Many visitors noted that they are very aroused when something bestial wakes up in the girls;
  • The experienced beauty of the Etalon salon will lead her sensual lips and tongue over the genital area of ​​the guest. This will irritate the man so much that he will beg for release and when the climax comes, it will be impossible to forget about him.

Our beautiful girls will be able to satisfy any guest, even the most demanding and capricious. With their sweet and tender lips, they will make it so that every man knows the limit of arousal. Come today to Etalon salon for the Sakura Branch massage and spend an unforgettable vacation surrounded by the most seductive girls who are already looking forward to you!