Massage for couples – heavenly pleasure for two

2021.02.24 в 10:17
Картинка Massage for couples – heavenly pleasure for two

A massage session for a married couple will help to become more attentive to each other, remember their preferences in bed and establish a delicate emotional contact with a partner. Watching how your loved one is excited by the professional touches of a gentle masseuse, you can learn new techniques and tricks that will help you in your sex life.
Already one session in the Etalon salon is able to restore fading passion, revive trust and return excitement to intimate relationships. Massage for a married couple in our salon is the best way to relax in a pleasant environment, spend time together and forever change your idea of ​​the pleasure that everyone deserves!

The first stage of the program

The first stage is the classic part. Her technique:

  • “Adjusts” partners to get the most pleasant sensations;
  • Allows you to remove all muscle clamps.

You will fully enjoy the gentle touches of our beauties, warm your body, soul and get rid of the accumulated fatigue. Girls are sure to touch the following areas:

  • Back;
  • Shoulder;
  • Hand;
  • Hips;
  • Buttocks;
  • Erogenous zones.

After such a sensual start of a massage session for a married couple, you will already be carefree in the clouds, thinking and dreaming only about the pleasures that await you further …

Second stage of the program

Now it’s time to tell you about the spicy second stage of relaxation. Waiting for you:

  • Nude girls will begin to caress your sensitive areas, awakening the strongest arousal in you;
  • Touches will be not only with your hands, but also with your whole velvety body. Just imagine how attractive masseuses massage their bulging buttocks and sexy protruding nipples, making you experience the most exciting sensations.

Gradually, the arousal will increase to the limit, because you not only enjoy, but also observe the reactions of your partner. The intensity of passion and frankness will grow stronger with every second. Gentle girls will help you reach the brink of bliss or leave you alone for a sexual “follow-up” massage for a married couple.
We are waiting for you with impatience, come!