Body massage in Moscow for men. Execution technique

2021.03.18 в 13:42
Картинка Body massage in Moscow for men. Execution technique

A surge of strength and energy, improvement of mood and general well-being, restoration of hormonal levels are just a small part of the positive properties of Thai massage. A specific procedure is performed in a comfortable environment on the territory of the Etalon salon. The event is accompanied by foam showers, light romantic music, a smoky cocktail or a sparkling drink, which will be served to the guest upon request. Body massage for men in Moscow is a high-quality relaxing technique, the effectiveness of which is noticeable already in the first minutes of the session.

Preparing for the procedure

The specificity of the event implies that the master and the guest will be naked. Therefore, before the procedure, both participants must accept water treatments. If you prefer privacy, the girl will leave you alone for a while. But if you are looking forward to the erotic part and want to plunge into the world of bliss and female affection as soon as possible, invite the craftswoman to swim with you. The girl will foam, wipe and stroke your body. Aqua foam massage will be a pleasant relaxing start to the upcoming erotic rest. You can find out more about the additional service on our website.

The main stages of the session

After the water procedures, the master escorts the guest to the apartment, where they comfortably sit together on a large soft bed. In Moscow, Thai body massage for men is performed using various oils. The event takes place in stages:

  1. Classic: before relaxation, a girl kneads her back, shoulders, arms, neck, face, legs and feet. Manipulation allows a man to relax and forget;
  2. Erotica: when the guest is completely relaxed, the girl can move on to arousing technique. She gently strokes the man’s skin along the entire body, while using her chest, abdomen, forearm, face, thighs;
  3. Stimulation: when the excitement gains the necessary strength, the craftswoman will move on to the final part of the erotic session. Using various techniques, she will stimulate the erect organ, moan and flirt with the client. Detente will inevitably take place.

Body massage in Moscow for men: indications for use

If you feel tension in the back and lower back, pain in the limbs, general malaise and deterioration in mood, you urgently need to visit a body massage in Moscow. For men, this is a great opportunity to get rid of abstinence. Call and sign up!