Body massage for men from private masters of Moscow

2022.07.08 в 16:19
Картинка Body massage for men from private masters of Moscow

What will most men choose: body massage from private masters in Moscow or relaxation in the salon? Some, worried for their safety, will choose some decent institution, but the rest will still give preference to private masseuses.

What is the reason?

  • Private services are cheaper than salon services. Yes, this is a common stereotype that has already been destroyed by many institutions. Moreover, the conditions for recreation in the cabin are much better. For example, at Etalon you can spend your time in the sauna or hammam, as well as soak up in the Jacuzzi.
  • Private masseuses are more skilled. It seems that when a girl works for herself, she invests in her training and knows perfectly well the content of the programs with which she works. Do not give in to this stereotype, because in Etalon, the same body massage services that men have come to love so much are performed better than by Moscow private masters. The reason is simple: all our girls take the appropriate courses, and only against their successful completion we allow masters to our dear guests.
  • Private programs are much fuller. They say that salons want you to pay extra for everything, but the masters working in their own office or at home want to give you maximum pleasure for minimal money. As if not so… Etalon has a price list, based on which you know before the program how much money you will spend on the service.
  • Frequent massage is more atmospheric. If you are a fan of the golden 2000s, then we will not argue with this statement. But if you value comfort and coziness, you should give preference to the Etalon salon.

At Etalon, men can visit the best body massage in Moscow from a private craftswoman

Many girls who once worked individually, go to work in our institution. They have a wealth of work experience, and therefore girls will be able to find an approach to any representative of the stronger sex. Come to the session and see for yourself! Sign up with us now!