What is eromassage, and with whom is it “eaten”?

2021.11.25 в 13:19
Картинка What is eromassage, and with whom is it “eaten”?

Let’s start with a little theory. Of course, erotic massage takes its origins from antiquity – in the East they were sensitive to tactile sensations. The stimulating oils from India deserve special mention – it is known that their people regard eroticism as an opportunity for enlightenment. Using tantric methods, people studied and encouraged their sexual energy, including through massage. However, in modern times, things are completely different. What is eromassage now?

Curiosity is not a vice!

Today eromassage is perceived more as a prelude before sexual intercourse. So, partners recognize each other’s bodies by looking into its most distant corners. Absolute trust is the main condition for this activity. If it is available, erotic massage will become a new stage in your relationship: both partners should have fun during the process and not rush to the end, because only after passing all the stages it will be bright. By the way, improvisation is always welcome – why spend an evening in a soft but familiar bed? Move to the shower, but first find out about aqua and aqua gel techniques – it will be more interesting with them!

Enrich your knowledge at Etalon salon

What if you don’t have a soul mate? It doesn’t matter: what a real eromassage is, every man can learn in a special salon. Its advantages are obvious: after all, only experienced craftswomen know the true techniques. Also, do not deprive yourself of the beneficial benefits of massage:

  • it has a beneficial effect on your skin and internal organs;
  • tones up and relieves stress;
  • awakens sexual energy;
  • has a beneficial effect on male strength.

What is eromassage – this is a real pleasure!

Especially when it is done by a beautiful girl of model appearance. Our staff employs only those who have gone through a careful selection. Therefore, our beauties know what eromassage is and will gladly introduce you to it in the Etalon salon.