Massage from the Lady in Moscow: tame the hot tigress!

2021.11.29 в 14:54
Картинка Massage from the Lady in Moscow: tame the hot tigress!

Monday is boring and discouraging, and there is still a lot, a lot of work ahead! How to shake things up and add color to this gray November day? Of course, visit the erotic massage parlor! This is a completely permitted, but very interesting leisure activity for those who do not like to passively spend their free time: you will definitely not get bored with a craftswoman! Massage from the Lady in Moscow will be unforgettable, because this is not just a session, but the embodiment of real exciting erotica.

Remember: this is a game!

Classic massage – this offer is widespread in the capital, so you can literally get it anywhere. But it is problematic to find an erotic option: not all salons can boast of a high level of service, a staff of professionals, and even strict observance of the law. Salon Etalon guarantees safety and confidentiality to its customers: you will definitely have no reason to worry. Another point: are you ready to fully surrender to the Lady? What if she does something wrong, or is it too harsh? There is nothing to be afraid of here either: programs with subordination are just a game and innocent fun (almost!), Which can always stop or go in a different direction as you wish. Discuss in advance all the “rules” with the craftswoman: so, letting yourself go to meet the desires of the Lady will be much easier!

Obey her orders

Who said you don’t have to “sweat”? Our beauty is very exacting: she will demand obedience and care from her subject – give her an erotic massage, and it will turn into sweet touches:

  • “Goddess” – admire her, and the girl will allow you mutual affection;
  • “Domination” – try to tame the temperamental Mistress: she will reward you with a sensual massage from the Mistress in Moscow with a change of poses and more …

Massage from the Lady in Moscow within walking distance

Perpetual traffic jams and a long journey become a serious obstacle on the way to massage from the Lady in Moscow. Therefore, an important advantage of the salon is its location – we are located very close to the center of the capital within walking distance from the Mayakovskaya metro station. Come to Etalon and have fun!