Elite salon in Moscow – relax with quality and pleasure!

2021.05.26 в 17:40
Картинка Elite salon in Moscow – relax with quality and pleasure!

Being the center of pleasure, the elite salon in Moscow Etalon is distinguished by an abundance of programs that will please both beginners and true connoisseurs of pleasure! Any Muscovite or city visitor, choosing an intimate massage in our salon as relaxation, will be able to experience the most vivid sexual experiences. Thousands of years of experience in erotic techniques, which has been developed in intimate salons, contributes to the achievement of goals related to:

  • Restoration of sexual function;
  • Harmonization of sexual life;
  • Abstraction from everyday worries.

As a kind of tantric practices, erotic massage in the Etalon club is performed exclusively by the most beautiful girls in Moscow. They use not only their skillful hands, but also their breasts, buttocks and other parts of their flawless body. At the same time, sexual contact between a masseuse and a guest is strictly prohibited, but believe me, the pleasure you get is in no way inferior to the pleasure of traditional sexual contact!

The experience of our beauties is the guarantee of your bliss

You can easily get to the elite salon in Moscow Etalon by public or private transport, and the round-the-clock work schedule allows you not to worry about time and rest as much as you like! As in other salons in Moscow, our club successfully practices the following areas:

  • Thai body massage, which consists of various touches, frictions and hugs;
  • Tantric techniques that are the prototype of modern petting;
  • Sakura Branch massage, which has gained popularity all over the world due to its sensuality;
  • Aquapoam sessions, which are carried out using aromatic oils and foam.

By combining different programs, as well as diluting them with your own preferences, you will get the vacation you have always dreamed of. Moreover, the skill of our beauties has no equal in all the capital, because the elite salon in Moscow Etalon is very sensitive to the recruitment of employees. Thanks to all the advantages, it is our club that occupies a leading position among leisure establishments. Therefore, if you decide to have a quality rest, then be sure to drop by us and we guarantee that you will not want to leave. Waiting for you!