Erotic body massage for men is a pleasure that everyone dreams of!

2020.08.24 в 16:17
Картинка Erotic body massage for men is a pleasure that everyone dreams of!

Erotic body massage for men is distinguished, first of all, by its sensuality and very close contact with the girl. First of all, it is suitable for those who need passionate touches of naked bodies that will slide against each other throughout the session.
If, for some reason, you have lost your sexual activity, and also stopped being truly aroused, then you do not have to panic, because everything can be solved with one visit to the Etalon erotic massage parlor.

Body massage for men: technique

Body massage for men is not a mechanical session that requires strict adherence to a specific technique. This is a spectacular spectacle with its beauty, which affects not only the body, but also your emotions. Even the simplest elements are performed by our girls in an extremely erotic way to please not only the erogenous zones, but also the eyes of the guest. The technique itself may vary slightly depending on the individual needs of the guest, but it will still be something like this:

  • Since body massage for men is the most relaxing technique, there are no rough movements in it. The girl uses her flawless body for caresses, from light touches to more intense caresses;
  • There are certain rules for implementation: the guest’s head is worked out from the top of the head towards the chest, the neck is up from the sacrum, the rectus abdominis muscles – up and down, the oblique muscles are worked out from the bottom up, and the torso is worked out from the chest to the armpits;
  • An essential component in body massage for men is essential and aromatic oil, which sets a man to arousal;
  • The strongest arousal is achieved by changing the intensity of movements and their variety.

It is worth noting that our sexy girls will not only give you amazing sensations, but also turn the session into a dizzying show that will remain in your memories for a long time. Therefore, do not contact girls who individually provide body massage services, but come to the Etalon erotic salon and give yourself serene comfort and relaxation.

5 steps to relaxation

There are 5 main stages in body massage for men:

  • Preparation. Applying oil and rubbing it into the skin;
  • The movements of the masseuse are slow, while the pressure on the body becomes strong;
  • The man’s body is rubbed harder and special attention is paid to the erogenous zones;
  • Working out the navel and lower abdomen area;
  • Bringing the guest to the peak of pleasure with a smooth ending.

In the Etalon salon, a wide range of erotic programs is available for you, but special attention should be paid to body massage, for men it is a real sensual pleasure that will turn your idea of ​​pleasure upside down. Come, they are always waiting for you here!