Prostate massage in Moscow is a pleasure from which you will be delighted

2020.08.25 в 10:29
Картинка Prostate massage in Moscow is a pleasure from which you will be delighted

If you want to diversify your intimate life, then you should try new erotic techniques that previously seemed unacceptable – prostate massage in Moscow in the Etalon salon.
Completely different sensations await you: men get extraordinary pleasure, pleasant warmth spreading throughout the body and intense excitement that you have never experienced before.

Guest reviews for prostate massage

Orgasm in men while massaging the prostate is a common thing for our regular guests. Having studied men’s reviews, many note that the sensations from her are very strong and exciting. Pleasure, warmth, tension of the whole body – with these words the guests describe the technique of prostate massage. It is not comparable to the simple relaxation that can be obtained during traditional sex. Here, the sensations intensify, as if pleasure comes from within.

How to experience an orgasm from a prostate massage in Moscow in the Etalon salon, if the guest came for the first time? For a successful procedure, our charming masseuses first warm up the man so that he is mentally prepared. It is desirable that the event itself be the final stage of complex recreation. For example, prostate massage would be appropriate after supplements such as:

During the stimulation of the prostate, the girl masseuse can perform the Lingam technique and massage the buttocks.

3 steps to ecstasy

Prostate massage in Moscow in the Etalon salon offers guests three ways to enjoy the procedure:

  • Direct – the masseuse stimulates the prostate with her finger;
  • Indirect – the girl massages the prostate with light pressure in the perineum;
  • Massage with a strapon – for experienced guests who have already tried standard penetrations.

A comfortable position is chosen by the man himself. For example, you can lie on your side and pull up your knees, or stand in a knee-elbow position. Some guests choose to lie on their backs during the procedure to enjoy the beauty of the masseuse’s naked body.

If you want to try prostate massage in Moscow, come to Etalon salon. Here you will be met by charming masseuses who are fluent in all the subtleties of this technique. You will be able to experience indescribable sensations that will remain in your memory for a long time and will make your intimate life brighter and richer. We are waiting for you!