Erotic body massage for men

2020.11.25 в 18:05
Картинка Erotic body massage for men

Erotic body massage has different names, for example: Thai, “body to body” or intimate. Whatever you call it, the body technique brings complete relaxation, and also relieves accumulated sexual tension, but that’s not all! The program itself is aimed at activating all erogenous zones on the body, which means that regular sessions will allow you to feel the sensations sharper and richer.

During a session in the Etalon salon, a special bond arises between the craftswoman and the man. The gentle touches of the masseuse give rise to a hurricane of emotions in the guest, excite, and then give a powerful sensual pleasure. The erotic body massage itself is not limited to the caress of individual erogenous zones, it covers the entire body, relieving tension in the back, neck and limbs. It is thanks to its unchanging technique that massage has a healing, healing effect.

The positive effect of erotic body massage

It is impossible to underestimate the benefits of the body technique performed by the experienced masseuse of the Etalon salon:

  • Firstly, during the procedure muscle tension is relieved;
  • Secondly, erotic body massage involves sexual release. The release of sexual tension in turn stabilizes the emotional state;
  • Thirdly, the skillful actions of the girl will improve blood circulation throughout the body, which reduces the likelihood of blood clots.

Highlights of body massage performance

There are many variations of erotic body massage. Each guest chooses a suitable technique and its intensity. Someone prefers kissing during massage, someone loves nibbling.
After water procedures, the guest is taken to a spacious bed, where the girl first gently massages the shoulders and neck, gradually preparing the body for more explicit caresses. To enhance arousal, our girls use special aromatic oils that are pre-warmed to body temperature.
You need to start the massage from the head, going down the spine to the lower back, not forgetting about touching the hands, hips and legs. It is very important to find the approach that will give the man complete relaxation, but at the same time will not allow him to fall asleep. A short-term increase in the rhythm and strength of massage movements, which ignites a man’s imagination, is considered effective.
Describing erotic body massage is not an easy task, because first of all you need to feel it. Only in this way can you feel the full effectiveness of the ancient technique. Come to Etalon salon and discover the facets of your sensuality today!