Erotic massage with penetration in the Etalon salon!

2020.11.26 в 18:29
Картинка Erotic massage with penetration in the Etalon salon!

Erotic massage with penetration is done for the prevention of prostatitis, but many people prefer to order it for pleasure and this can be a great addition to intimate life.

Erotic massage with penetration: the basics of stimulation

The sexual success of a man depends on the correct functioning of the prostate. If the prostate gland is functioning well, then the man remains active for many years.
Important! Considering that prostate massage is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of prostatitis, stimulation of the prostate gland is very useful as a preventive measure, which is why it is so popular in the Etalon salon. The technique of erotic massage with penetration includes the following algorithm of actions:

  • The girl abundantly lubricates the anus of the man;
  • Further, she carefully introduces her finger into the man;
  • Gentle and careful movements massages the prostate with forward movements;
  • In the process of stimulation with the second hand, the girl caresses the man’s penis.

During the session, the guest should not experience any painful sensations. So that there is no discomfort, our girls first warm up the body with caresses and hot touches, and only then begin to massage the prostate.

Features of prostate stimulation

Before an erotic massage with penetration, it is necessary to prepare as much as possible for the procedure. During the session, you cannot use warming or cooling ointments. The lubricant should be as simple as possible in composition to eliminate even the smallest likelihood of irritation. The girl’s fingers make light circular and forward movements during the massage. Pressing and using sudden movements is prohibited! A real erotic massage with penetration can be obtained only in a professional salon Etalon, so come to us for pleasure!

Variety of sex life

So that your intimate life does not seem boring, it is always good to try something new. A neat erotic massage with penetration will bring the very emotions and sensations that many men lack. Make sure of this today, come to the Etalon salon and order an erotic massage that will forever change your idea of ​​pleasure.