Erotic massage for a couple: reviews and opinions

2021.12.07 в 13:05
Картинка Erotic massage for a couple: reviews and opinions

In the Internet age, users leave and read reviews about literally everything. Which refrigerator is better? Neighboring dentistry or the one that is far away? And, of course, where to find an eromassage salon? Alas, you cannot find a large number of opinions on the Internet: not everyone is ready to talk frankly about their experiments. Erotic massage for a couple also does not often leave comments behind, so we will tell you how everything really happens.

No fuss

Many couples decide to experiment spontaneously: “Let’s go, let’s try?” We do not argue that sudden decisions have significant advantages: you will not have time to turn halfway. This is the trouble! A session for lovers should strengthen feelings, not upset. Treat the new experience in an orderly way by starting at least with a conversation. Quite often wives in a rage pull their spouse into the salon, and then take offense that “he was looking at another.” Eliminate such moments and agree on all the details. For example, how many girls do you need? After all, some are turned on by the usual observation of caresses to a partner. By the way, about attention! Another reason for dissatisfaction: “He didn’t care what they did to me, but I tried to follow his massage.” In this case, no one is to blame either: erotic massage is both a way to relax and an opportunity to learn new sensual points of the other half. Therefore, choose a tactic of behavior that suits both.

Help each other!

Spicy moment: choose those masters who will perform an erotic massage for a couple. And even he is controversial. Warn them too: choose beauties together. Well, then the most important thing: to decide which program will bring you pleasure:

  • “Temptation” – from classical massage and its techniques to erotic: 1 relaxation, body massage, touch and various postures. The couple is left alone for the second hour.
  • “Seduction” – differs from the first program in two additional services: steam in the hammam and “Strawberry” are included.

Erotic massage for a couple will show new facets of love

Nervousness and embarrassment can ruin the erotic massage experience for a couple. Therefore, in each program we offer champagne as a gift: a few sips will relieve your stress, and a session in the Etalon salon will become even more magical!