Erotic massage of the penis – maximum enjoyment

2020.09.21 в 17:44
Картинка Erotic massage of the penis – maximum enjoyment

A relaxation session in the Etalon salon cannot be imagined without a full impact on the male genitals. Erotic massage of the penis is a professional technique that can deliver the most unforgettable emotions to the guest. The beauty of the service itself lies in the fact that it can be integrated into any salon program, thanks to which it is deservedly popular among the stronger sex.

The purpose of the massage and preparation

The main goal of erotic penis massage is to please you using all available techniques and knowledge. Along the way, during the session, problems of sexual tension are solved and sexual dysfunction – if any, is eliminated.
When our guests order this service, they rarely think about the therapeutic component of the procedure. Meanwhile, a man’s health is noticeably improved – especially with regular visits. The session itself is divided into three stages:

  • Preparatory. The necessary atmosphere is created in the massage room, which sets the man up for relaxation.
  • Relaxing. The girl applies an abundant amount of oil to interact with the guest’s body as intensely as possible;
  • Finishing. As a rule, the event ends with an enchanting orgasm.

The technique of erotic massage of the penis in the Etalon salon involves complete relaxation of the client, an abundance of light touches and strokes. We exclude any sudden movements, and special attention is paid to the massage of the testicles and head.

What does erotic massage of the penis mean with continuation?

Some guests of the Etalon salon are interested in what “continuation” means in an erotic session ?! The girl will caress the penis – and then what? The excitement will build up at a fantastic rate and the man will want a worthy climax. Do not worry – they will definitely take you to the final.
It should be noted right away that our girls work only with their magic hands. Intimacy is strictly prohibited, but in Thai techniques other parts of the girl’s body can also be connected, for example, breasts or elastic buttocks, so you will definitely leave our institution in complete satisfaction from what you see.
You can endlessly talk about erotic penis massage, but it is better to go to the Etalon salon and try out the magic technique on yourself. We work around the clock and are waiting for you every day. Come today and discover the limit of pleasure!